About Spinesis (SPIN-UH-SIS)

Spinesis is a music blog.

Pronounced: SPIN-UH-SIS

We currently post a few types of features:

Stories From The Green Room

(#SFTGR – True stories told by musicians, roadies, promoters, club-owners, poster artists, and other adventurers from the rock ‘n’ roll landscape)

Quick Hits

(#QUICKHITS #THEQUICK3 – Artist profiles where the featured artist answers 3 questions known as the Spinesis Quick 3)

Spinesis Golden Roses

(These posts are like merit badges – and can be handed out for any variety of accomplishments)


MUCH MORE TO COME!!! … Please check back in with us often – we’re growing everyday!


— CAUTION: Spinesis was created by a musician. Side effects include: severe bias, grammatical creativity, favoritism and undying support for other musicians and artists.—